Thanks to all of our past participants. We’ve posted the results from the previous year’s race. Simply click on the appropriate link to view the results for that specific race.

Montana Women’s Run Race Records

Along with our previous year’s race results, we’ve posted the Montana Women’s Run Race records. This data goes back as far as 1993 before the race included chip timing. Select the appropriate tab to view the current standings for that specific race.

Overall Records are by Gun Time. Age Group Records are by Chip Time.

5 Mile

5 Mile Race Records (1993-2018)

Age Group Course Records Since the Course Was Certified

Age GroupYearNameAgeCityGun TimeChip Time
0-81996Anna Judd8Billings47:04 
9-122015Grace Timm12Billings34:2734:25
13-152016Grace Timm13Billings33:2733:27
16-192013Rachel Jones17Billings30:3930:33
20-242016Mary Owen24Billings30:4530:45
25-291998Megan Ratermann28Billings29:39 
30-341993Karen Sanford Gall32Billings29:10** 
35-392000Karen Sanford Gall39Billings29:18 
40-442003Karen Sanford Gall42Billings30:27 
45-492014Zola Budd Pieterse47Myrtle Beach SC29:46*29:46
50-542011Joan Benoit Samuelson53Freeport ME31:2431:19
55-592004Deb Magilke55Billings35:05 
60-642001Myrna Ryti60Terry40:11^^ 
65-692007Myrna Ryti66Terry44:00 
70-742012Constance Ahrnsbrak70Lakewood CO43:3743:30
75-792013Marlene Tetrault75Red Lodge53:0952:54
80-842006Ada McKeen80Billings56:22 
85-892011Ada McKeen85Billings1:13:461:12:56
90+2007Margaret Weeks91Billings1:17:30
**Course Record
*Masters Record (40+)
^^Super Masters Record (60+)
2 Mile

2 Mile Race Records (1993-2018)

Age Group Course Records Since the Course Was Certified

Age GroupYearNameAgeCityGun TimeChip Time
0-82014Taylee Chirrick8Billings14:3614:35
9-122007Danielle Aragon12Billings12:17 
13-152007Alexa Aragon14Billings11:52 
16-191994Teri Cordova Colstrip12:07 
20-242000Laura Swogger21Miles City12:04 
25-292004Sarah Graves26Sidney12:14 
30-342011Sarah Graves33Ballantine11:3711:33
35-391999Karen Sanford Gall38Billings11:26** 
40-442008Kathie Perrins41Columbus12:24*12:22
45-492008Kathy Aragon48Billings12:2712:25
50-542011Karen Sanford Gall50Billings13:1313:09
55-592008Priscilla Flesch-Birtic57Belgrade13:4213:41
60-642011Priscilla Flesch-Birtic60Belgrade13:27^^13:22
65-692016Priscilla Flesch-Birtic65Belgrade13:5813:58
70-742018Sharon Harris70Billings16:4616:44
75-792015Elizabeth McNamer78Billings18:5518:55
80-842007Elphie Wood82Miles City26:39 
85-892005Wilma Fender85Billings29:48 
90+2014Lorraine Halvorsen90Amado AZ35:5335:20
**Course Record
*Masters Record (40+)
^^Super Masters Record (60+)