A team generates fun and more race participation, getting more women involved in fitness. Having a team can bring recognition to your business, organization or whatever type of group you designate as your team. Team Up! with your staff, service organization, hobby group, family, school or just a bunch of friends. Define your team by name and the number of women members in your group; then get as many of them as you can to enter the Montana Women’s Run as a team: Team Up! Challenge other similar groups to do the same, and see which of you enter the greater percentage of your members in the Run. You do not have to run or walk together as a group; just enter together, in either race, even if some of your group enter the 2 Mile and others the 5 Mile.

Plaques will be given to the team with the greatest percentage in the 26-50 and the 51 and over categories. Plaques will not be given to the 5-25 category.

Team Up registration Fee is $30.00 paid by the Team Captain. The Team Captain and all Team Members will still need to pay their individual race entry fees. Team Captains will receive a special gift.

How to Enter Your Team

Here are the instructions on how to register a team. All Team Up participants must enter online. For step by step instructions on creating a team, please click on Steps for Creating a Team below.

  • TeamUP Deadline: 11:59 pm, Sunday, April 21, 2024.
  • Get your team together and choose a Team Captain.
  • The Team Captain must create and pay the $30.00 for the team online first before team members can join the team.
  • If the Team has a sponsor or business that is paying for all or part of the participants’ registration fees, the Team Captain will set this up when registering the team. An invoice for all owed fees will be sent to the Team Captain and must be paid by Sunday, April 21, 2024.
  • The Team Captain can choose to enter all team members or have each team member register themselves. If the Team Captain is entering all members then please print off and use the Team Up Worksheet to gather all necessary information to enter each participant. Include email addresses if possible. You will need these to send additional information to your team members.
  • After the team has been created by the Team Captain, participants can be registered for the team either individually or by the Team Captain. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE TEAM CAPTAIN WILL STILL NEED TO REGISTER HERSELF FOR THE TEAM. THIS WAS NOT DONE WHEN CREATING THE TEAM.

Team packets can be boxed up together only upon request. Be sure to make it clear to ALL your team members whether they are to pick up their individual packets or if the Team Captain is picking them up for the entire team! Packets are to be picked up at headquarters (location to be determined) from 10:00 am-6:00 pm during the week prior to race day. All Team Captains must check in at the Team Up table whether picking up their own or all packets. A special gift for the Team Captain as well as awards for winning teams will be given out at that table.

Individuals who have already entered and are asked to join a team may do so by contacting the Team Captain. Please note that if the Team is paying for the registration a refund for the individual registration will not be given.

How to Manage Your Team

Instructions for Team Captains for managing their teams (a Team Captain is defined as the person who first creates the team).

  • Go to the online registration
  • Sign in to Your Account
  • Select Team Ups
  • You can search for your Team Name or choose from the list of teams.
  • Select your team name from the list. This will take you to your team page.
  • You can view and/or print team members that have signed up.
  • You can even create custom questions that are only asked of your team members when registering. (example, if all team members get a special t-shirt you create a question to ask what size)
  • The Team Captain can add participants to their team here also.
  • Team Captain can view and pay their invoices here.